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Get to Know: Jacob Andersson (Helpdesk Team Lead)


My name is Jacob Andersson, and I'm the Helpdesk Team Lead of Opsio! Together with the team in our Karlstad office, I strive every day to provide you with a great user experience when in contact with our support. 

My average day at Opsio combines all of my favourite areas: leadership, customer coordination, technological advancement, and problem-solving. That's what gets me up each morning!"

5 Quick Questions with Jacob

Do you have any Hobbies? 

"My biggest passion in life is ice-hockey.  I’ve played it since I was 7 years old, and I don’t see myself quitting in the near future. Fingers crossed I stay injury-free."

What does the future hold for Jacob?

"Besides hockey, I want to continue learning more about customer & team management. I want to work in a healthy environment with happy team members, that are all proud of what we do. I also aim to become a subject matter expert on Amazon Web Services (AWS)." 

What are your Areas of Expertise?

"Simply put, I am a really good listener."

Greatest TV-show of all time?

"The best one has got to be 'How I Met Your Mother'. That show has got everything you can look for."

What would you do if you weren’t into IT?

"Off-ice? Anything I can do where I get to work close to customers and end-users. Perhaps I'd follow in my father's footsteps, working at COOP!"

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