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Get to Know: Oskar Sandahl (Helpdesk Engineer)


My name is Oskar Sandahl and I've been working with Opsio since June 2021. I'm relatively new, but I really like it here and look forward to many more years to come.

You will find me in the Karlstad office, where I work as a Helpdesk Engineer.  Most of our contact will happen through our Helpdesk channels: email, chat or phone, where I'm available daily. 

I love being in a position to help users with their problems and cater to their needs, it makes me feel proud to be a part of our Helpdesk Team. Our customers are friendly and cheerful, and my colleagues are great. It is truly a delight to work with all of them and all of You!"

5 Quick Questions with Oskar

Do you have any Hobbies? 
"I am an avid reader of books and novels, most of which are in the fantasy genre. I love me a good read!"

What about Professional Goals?
 "My primary goal is to advance my knowledge and skills when it comes to the helpdesk tasks. I want to be a more advanced technician to be able to make an even greater difference!"

What are your Areas of Expertise?
"My past experiences in the professional sphere are all related in one way or another to end-users or customer contact. I've done everything from telemarketing to customer support." 

Greatest Book of all time?
"My favorite is one called Lies of Locke Lamora, a dark fantasy that I truly recommend!"

What would you do if you weren’t into IT?
 "Well, I have always had an interest in other languages, and I'm been good at picking up new ones, too.
So, if I had to choose it would have to be something that has to do with translation."

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