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Get to Know: Shuvankar Roy (Helpdesk Engineer) - Knowledgebase / About Us - Opsio Support Portal

Get to Know: Shuvankar Roy (Helpdesk Engineer)


My name is Shuvankar Roy and I'm a Helpdesk Engineer here at Opsio. I have a cumulative 7.7 years of experience in customer service and ensuring support excellence. My day at Opsio involves the delivery of support & customer satisfaction through email, chat, or phone, directly from our Helpdesk!  I'm also involved in our On-Call, striving to deliver operational excellence. 

I’m based out of our office in Bangalore, India. The things I love most about my work are solving problems, learning new things, and making users happy as a result of excellent service. If time permitted, I would have loved to tend to all of your Helpdesk requests myself (naturally, I'm thrilled to have my Team beside me)!"

5 Quick Questions with Shuvankar

Do you have any Hobbies?
 "Yes, like most of my friends I am a big-time food junkie. I also love traveling and exploring new places and cuisines. I can't wait until all restrictions cease, so that we can go back to our old ways. I'm also a big fan of music."

What are your Certifications & Areas of Expertise?
"I have Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and a wide experience within service and customer support. Within short, I'm also certified within Microsoft 365."

What about Professional Goals?
"I strive for progressive IT vigilance and innovative problem mitigation!"

Greatest TV-Series of all time?
"I loved watching Strangers Things, Money Heist, Chernobyl, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Vikings-you know, I think I could go on forever.  Did I mention I'm a big fan of series & movies?"

What would you do if you weren’t into IT?
"In my younger days, I aspired to become an elite athlete (soccer player); in my college years, I wanted to be a musician. Now, all I can think about is travel."

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