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Get to Know: Tova Holmberger (Service Delivery Manager & Helpdesk Engineer) - Knowledgebase / About Us - Opsio Support Portal

Get to Know: Tova Holmberger (Service Delivery Manager & Helpdesk Engineer)


My Name is Tova Holmberger, and I’ve been working at Opsio in Karlstad since October 2022! As a new addition to the team I’m keeping busy with learning and forming new relationships with our customers, which is very fun!

Currently I’m learning to become great at service delivery, so you can find me in the helpdesk where I can get to know and help the customers with any issues they might have. I'm also learning a lot about Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s great getting to know the team here at Opsio!”

5 Quick Questions with Tova

Do you have any Hobbies?
"I’ve played cello for many years, which is my favourite creative outlet. It’s so satisfying when you finally manage to play through a difficult passage and add your own artistic flare to it!"

What are your Areas of Expertise?
"Other than professional experience with customer relations I have a Bachelor’s degree in video game design and I’ve studied informational technology, thanks to which I’ve learned to use creative problem solving and teamwork to bring solutions to many situations."

What about Professional Goals?
"I hope to learn as much as possible and grow in my role as Service Delivery Manager. I want to be as effective and helpful towards my customers as possible!"

Greatest album of all time?
"I love to listen to albums, be it by La Femme, Fugazi or The Clash, but an all time classic that works no matter the mood is Power Corruption and Lies by New Order."

What would you do if you weren’t into IT?
"I would probably aim to become a teacher, maybe in music or language?"   

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