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Get to Know: Vaishnavi Shree (Helpdesk Engineer) - Knowledgebase / About Us - Opsio Support Portal

Get to Know: Vaishnavi Shree (Helpdesk Engineer)


My name is Shree Vaishnavi J and I'm a proud member of the Opsio Helpdesk Team since mid-2021!  I'm a Helpdesk Engineer based out of our office in Bangalore. You'll find me in our Helpdesk from 8-17, reachable via email, chat & phone. 

I love my work for many reasons, the most prominent one is the opportunity to provide great value to our customers. The second biggest is my Team - the Helpdesk Team that has got my back (and I've got theirs), making our mission & vision possible. Our Teamwork makes the dream work!"

5 Quick Questions with Shree

Do you have any Hobbies?
"The greatest joys in life are home decoration and travel, and even though I love discovering new places and their cultures & cuisines, there is no place quite like home."

What are your Certifications & Areas of Expertise?
"I have completed a postgraduate education In Computer Science.  Besides my formal education, I'm also a certified Amazon Web Services Developer: Associate, and currently getting certified in Microsoft 365."

What about Professional Goals?
"I wish to continue my growth and skill-development within multiple IT fields, developing a clear niche profile over time. There are so many exciting things to learn, I never want to stop!"

Greatest TV-Series of all time?
"Oh, I have too many favorites, but at the top of the list are Friends and This is Us!"

What would you do if you weren’t into IT?
"If I wasn't into tech, I guess I would have wanted to be an architect

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